Grants & Subsidies

Grants & Subsidies

Experienced, informed and practical guidance through the minefield of grants and subsidies

The wide variety of agricultural and environmental schemes currently available can be a minefield for the land-owner! Our experienced surveyors offer professional advice on the availability of grant schemes currently available in England and Wales to enhance your business in line with your overall objectives. We can advise on the most appropriate scheme, alert you to opportunities, help you complete the plethora of paperwork, explain the legislation and assist you with cross-compliance issues.

In short we will guide you through the minefield of grants and subsidies.

We can offer comprehensive and experienced advice on all aspects of the following schemes:

Basic Payment Scheme

  • Annual applications for Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) (England & Wales)
  • Guidance on greening within BPS
  • Entitlement trading
  • Cross-compliance (incl: Nitrate Vulnerable Zone)
  • Appeals against penalties imposed

Environmental Schemes

  • Countryside Stewardship Schemes (CSS)
  • Agricultural Waste Exemptions
  • Existing and historical schemes such as ELS, OELS, HLS & EWGS


  • Water grants
  • Countryside Productivity
  • Growth Programme
  • Redundant Building Grant Scheme