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High Court finds in favour of farmer over SPS fine.

24th FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

Lincolnshire farmer, Peter Strawson, has won a High Court victory over the RPA for a £36,000 penalty for filling in a form incorrectly by mistake.

The case was bought agains the Rural Payments Agency and the Government by Lincolnshire law firm Bridge McFarland. 

When filling in his Single Farm Payment claim form for 2007 Mr Strawson inadvertently put the wrong start date on a claim for some land he had recently acquired.


Is wind power the way forward?

23rd FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

The Farmers Guardian says there will never be a better time to farmers to diversify into wind power and take advantage of generous Government subsidies. 

Bill Jackson, from Aeolus Power, says the clock is ticking down before the Government revisits its Feed In Tarriff (FIT) which was introduced in April 2010.  Mr Jackson suggests that the Treasury is likely to reduce the rate of pay in difficult economic times, and goes so far as to say that the...

EU Ministers vote to lift the ban on GM feed.

23rd FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

EU Ministers have voted in favour of lifting the zero tolerance policy on unapproved GMs in animal feed.  The move comes following a Committsion proposal to allow a low level of tolerance in feed, amid fears the current policy was threatening to leave farmers running short on imported feed.

Under the new rules, the Commission plans to allow 0.1% tolerance of non-approved GMs.

A spokesperson for NFU Scotland said: "Until now Europe's zero tolerance approach had restricted feed...

Wiseman Dairies add 1ppl to farm gate milk price.

23rd FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

Robert Wiseman Dairies have announced that they will increase standard farm gate milk price by 1ppl to 26.72ppl from April 1st.

The announcement is on the back of the already announced 1ppl from the beginning of March, meaning that Arla's place at the top of the non-aligned milk price league table could be relatively short lived.  Leeds-based Arla put a 2ppl increase in place from March 1st bringing it to 26.5ppl.  Wiseman's move places its own non-aligned price ahead of those offered...

Will NVZ be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

22nd FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

An NFU survey has found that nearly half of farmers will be unable to comply with the new Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) regulations on slurry storage due to come into force next January.

The survey has also revealed that 20% of farmers will not invest in more storage facilities to meet the regulation, with more than 33% planning to invest less than £25,000.

Compounding the situation even further, 46% of dairy farmers have revealed that they have a nitrogen farm loading above...

Beef farmers being paid less than 50% of retail price.

9th FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

The National Farmers Union has warned that livestock farmers are receiving only 48% of the final retail price of beef, with prices falling short of overall production costs.  The Union is calling on the whole of the supply chain to back British beef farmers saying htat current prices are unsustainable.

Alistair Mackintosh, NFU livestock board chairman, said: "The current situation has been compounded by Defra's Farm Income forecasts which don't make for pleasant reading for beef...

Wind Turbine application successful.

8th FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

Our most recent application for a farm based wind turbine has been approved following an application to Newcastle planners. 

The C&F20 Green Energy turbine has a hub height of 20m and a maximum blade tip height of 27m.  The turbines are designed and built in Ireland and the blades are automatically controlled to optimise aerodynamic performance under different operating conditions which improves efficiency compared to fixed-blade turbines.

The pitch feature can also be used...

AMC fixed rates beginning to creep up - is it time to fix?

7th FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

Fixed lending rates from the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation are beginning to creep up.  Farmers need to think about whether the time is right to fix their borrowing rate.

For more information and to discuss your current and future borrowing speak to Mike Taylor or Bob Oakes on 01630 692500.

Click here to visit our Farm Finance page.

FSA say they can no longer subsidise meat production.

7th FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

Chairman of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), Jeff Rooker, insists that the agency can no longer 'subsidise' the meat industry as a matter of principle.

The former Defra Minister said plans to shift around £32 m of Meat Hygiene Service (MHS) costs onto the meat and livestock sectors are not being driven by financial concerns but by a conflict of interest in the agency's role as both regulator and funder of the industry.

The meat and livestock industries have condemned the plans...

NFU says dairy farmers face £330mill deficit

7th FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

A report published by the NFU says that the gap between the price paid for milk and the costs of producing it is a staggering £330 million.

The Cost of Milk Production report reveals that British dairy farmers are, on average, losing more than 3p on every litre of milk they produce.  With 11 billion litres of milk produced annually on diary farms across the country this equates to £330m between production costs and the price received by the farmers.

The report illustrates that...


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