Foot and Mouth outbreak to be simulated to test Government response.

The Government's ability to deal with a significant outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) is to be put to the test in a major exercise involving Animal Health, Defra, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly.  Exercise 'Silver Birch' will take place on 9-10 November will simulate an outbreak of FMS on a national scale in an attempt to test existing plans and policies for the control and eradiacaion of this significant notifiable disease.

As part of the exercise, a National Disease Control Centre (NDCC) and multiple Local Disease Control Centres (LDCGs) will be established.  In addition a Disease Strategy Group (DSG) will be set up in Edinburgh and an Emergency Co-ordination Centre in Cardiff.


An evaluation report for ‘Silver Birch’ will be published in early 2011.