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  • King Lear, Willie Wonka, Harry Potter and the future of your farm

    18th AugustPosted by Harriet Jones

    Talk about a strange headline – what can these have in common?  English literature shows us that planning for the future is not a new concept.  Shakespeare clearly appreciated the need for Succession Planning, writing in the 17th Century when Elizabeth I (the Virgin Queen) was on the throne with no obvious successor.  200 years later both Austen and Dickens pick up the succession mantle with Great Expectations, Oliver Twist and Jane Eyre. Moving forward in history and that magnificent story...

  • Barbers Rural Newsletter July 2017

    5th JulyPosted by Louise Taylor

    Barbers Rural latest newsletter talking about Brexit, the current property market and how to finance your business for the future.

    You might be forgiven for thinking that in the current political and economic climate, the property market would be slow and stale. Our Estate Agency team, however, is finding quite the opposite.  Whilst it is true that some more unusual properties are staying on the books, relatively modest rural properties that are keenly priced and well-marketed are ...

  • Barbers Rural Newsletter Summer 2017

    5th JulyPosted by Louise Taylor

    A round of up news, view and property from Barbers Rural.

    Following the General Election, the Brexit situation seems more uncertain than ever and the farming community is trying to remain optimistic about the future. With the availability of land scarce, opportunities to buy have to be taken as and when they arise. We recently offered two parcels of land for sale near Stafford and after careful consideration decided that Public Auction was the best method of sale.  This is not always...

  • Succession Planning

    21st AprilPosted by Louise Taylor

    Read Louise Taylor's latest article on Succession Planning for farming families published in the Farmer's Guardian.  "A farm without a succession plan is like a ship without a captain."


  • Barbers Rural March 2017 Newsletter

    28th FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

    Barbers Rural's latest newsletter with news, views and featured property for sale.

  • Barbers Rural December 2016 Newsletter

    8th DecemberPosted by Louise Taylor

    Barbers Rural Christmas newsletter with news, views and featured property.

  • IHT and Succession Planning - Is there a difference?

    24th NovemberPosted by Louise Taylor

    I am finding more and more often that clients are mistaking Inheritance Tax Planning for Succession Planning.  Certainly a carefully thought out succession plan needs to include prudent tax planning but the two are not the same and I fear that succession planning, particularly in farming, is still not receiving the attention it rightly deserves.

    As most readers will know each UK resident adult has a nil rate tax band for inheritance tax purposes of £325k with an additional new...

  • Are we ready for Brexit?

    24th NovemberPosted by Mike Taylor

    At long last we have the first glimpse at what Brexit might look like and to be honest it does not look too pretty. When I canvassed opinion of my clients and other farmers leading up to the vote, it was clear that about 75% were in favour of leaving, so the result was no surprise to me.  However it took Westminster and the City by complete surprise.

    What voters were not asked is what sort of Brexit they would like.  I think some are now wishing they had been;  what is sauce for the...

  • Price increase from First Milk

    30th AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    According to a report in the Farmers Guardian, last week First Milk chairman, Clive Sharpe, confirmed that the company will increase its September milk prices by up to 1.25ppl.  In a letter to members he said it was the third month running the processor had raised its prices and signalled that there would be a futher increase in October with details being announced at a serices of member meetings later in September.

    Mr Sharpe commented "With the market recovering and having exited our...

  • Failing to plan could mean planning to fail

    30th AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    We have all heard the old addage that 'Failing to plan means planning to fail' but are we really listening?  Everyone is talking about succession planning but is anyone actually trying to fathom out what to do?

    Writing in the Farmers Guardian, Helen Gough (Associate in Agricultural and Rural Affairs with MFG Solicitors in Worcester) warns that farmers across the UK could be leaving their children with 'crippling' tax bills after they die.  She goes on to say that complex inheritance...