Farm Finance

Farm Finance

Forward-thinking, honest and calculated advice on how to maximise returns

Farming operations are constantly changing and evolving and the team at Barbers Rural have a fundamental understanding of the most effective way to finance development and expansion along with everyday working capital. We regularly work with high street banks and other commercial and residential lenders willing to finance agriculturally-focused projects.

The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AMC) is the UK’s largest lender of long-term finance to farmers. As Agents for AMC, Barbers Rural has access to borrowing at highly competitive rates and flexible terms designed specifically for the farming community. Some of the key advantages and benefits of borrowing from AMC include:

  • Long-Term Lending – for a period of up to 30 years
  • Long-Term Interest Only Lending – ‘interest-only’ terms for up to 30 years
  • Non-Reviewable – Interest rate margins are applicable throughout the term of the loan; once the deal is done, the rules don’t change
  • Long-Term Fixed Rate – unlike the competition, AMC will offer fixed rate terms up to 30 years on either repayment or interest-only basis
  • Five-Year Flexible Facility – a 5-year working capital facility with the margin and annual fee agreed at the outset for the full 5-year term

In short – our experienced team are fully equipped to help you finance everything you need to make your business successful whether it be additional land, new equipment or buildings, diversification or business restructure.